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Krimhera + Shirt

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Czarna Smierc

In case you were wondering WHO is screaming his lungs out on “Czarna Smierc” 

Patryk Zwoliński

Signed Sticks and Heads!

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Used and signed Drum sticks + heads by KRIMH



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Czarna Smierc – Official Video


Meanwhile you have to wait for the release of “Krimhera” you can check out my webstore:

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*** Official RELEASE DATE for “Krimhera” –> 10.Dez. 2014 ***

Mix is done!

Good news!! We finally finished the mix for KRIMHERA.
Release date coming soon!!

Meanwhile check out the NEW SONG:


Listen to the first official song “DESTROY REPLACE CREATE” from the new album “KRIMHERA”:


Finally result of the “KRIMHERA” Indiegogo campaign –> 8.451€
Unbelievable, we went 2.451€ over the goal!
I want to THANK ALL OF YOU who support me and my music. I am very grateful for that an appreciate it a lot. Now its my turn to finish the album and I have good news. The shirts are already in the making and the mixing process of “KRIMHERA” has started.
I will keep you updated!


Destroy Replace Create
Czarna Śmierć
Es Regnet Staub
Dead Soil
Black Skies And Falling Stars
View Of A World


Track List of KRIMHERA


Destroy Replace Create

Czarna Śmierć

Es Regnet Staub



Dead Soil

Black Skies And Falling Stars


View Of A World

6.000 €

We just reached the goal on Indiegogo!!! THANK YOU!!

The campaign is still running for 28 days so you can keep supporting! :)


Indiegogo 2.0

Second album is on the way and I have a new crowd-funding campaign going on!

If YOU want to SUPPORT and know more details please klick here:

Indiegogo – Krimhera


Design Nr. 2

Here you can check out the second NEW design “Dead Bird” for the upcoming album. This design will be also available as a girlie shirt. Coming soon!!


NEW shirt design

“Czarna śmierć”

coming soon!!

Studio Dairy – DRUMS


4 Songs left! 

photo by Jörg Varga

Album Nr.2

It has been a while since i posted any news on my homepage. I was quite busy touring with BEHEMOTH for the last year but now its time to get back to my solo project. I spend the last month working on new material. Many new ideas and exciting things are happening. The writing process for Krimh album Nr.2 is almost done! Right now i am working over drum arrangements and pre production. I am very excited about the new songs. Its going to be different, a bit heavier but still with the typical “Krimh flavor”. The plan is to start recording in May 2014.


Finally, my first solo album is OUT!

Go to shop and get your CD, Shirt or digital download of EXPLORE.

Thank you for your support




Official release date!!

“EXPLORE” will be out on 26. September 2013. The album is going to be self released and you will be able to buy CDs, Shirts and mp3 downloads through the internet. More info soon!


Its done!! You guys collected 6.894€ in 2 months on Indiegogo !!

That is way more than I expected and i want to thank everyone who support me.

!!!! THANK YOU !!!!



Hi guys!

I made a bandcamp account:

Here you can find my new songs for download.



Another new song and video is online. Check it out:


Es regnet Staub

Hi there!

I have a NEW SONG out and its called “Es regnet Staub”. You can download and listen to this song on Bandcamp!

I hope you like it

listen to a NEW TRACK of “Explore”

Hi guys! we reached more than 3000€ on indiegogo!!! I promised you a new song so here it is:


Thank you for your support and enjoy!!


Help to finish EXPLORE

Hi guys!

I am almost done with the album but i need your help to finish it.  I started a crowd funding project on Indiegogo.

Please check it out for more information.

I really appreciate every support!!

NEW T-Shirts

Check out NEW T-SHIRT designs which will be available soon!!

Deep Sea – Shirt

Anglerfish – Shirt

Final Sound

Tweaking the final sound with Norbert Leitner at UDIO Media Studio in Vienna, AUSTRIA

This album will have 100% natural drum sound.

Artwork in progress

Working with brutal dave on the CD artwork for EXPLORE.He did already an awesome job with the front cover.
Wait until you have seen the whole artwork!

working on a NEW SONG!!

First Mix

I just heard the first mix for my album – EXPLORE – and its overwhelming to hear how good it sounds already. Big Thanks to Daniel Fellner and Norbert Leitner from UDIO MEDIA. They know how to make an album sound huge!!
Can’t wait until it’s done.


Recording process is done!

Some days ago I could finish the recording process for EXPLORE. I came back to Austria to track the bass and reamp the guitars. The outcome is really cool and I can’t wait to hear the finally version.

Probably we will start mixing the album in January 2013 at UDIO Media Studio in Vienna.

 I will keep you updated!

 - Krimh -


First day of guitar recording!

New Pictures

Drums are done!
Check out gallery for NEW PHOTOS from the studio

(All pictures made by Brutal Dave)

Guess what?


(C) Brutal Dave 

New website online


Hi guys,

I’ve got my new website online, hope you like it!