Krimh Project

The Project

KRIMH alias Kerim Lechner, an austrian multi instrumentalist, is creating a unique style of music by combining elements of instrumental metal, ambient and acoustic sounds.

In 2003 Kerim started playing drums and quickly advanced in technique, joined several bands (Thorns Of Ivy, Tone Intimacy, …) and also did session drumming for certain records like Mondstille’s “Am Ende …”.

Right from the beginning Kerim started writing songs, and to be able to realize his ideas he taught himself how to play guitar and bass.
Releasing self recorded and covered songs on his YouTube channel he earned a lot of views, support and shares.

Eventually the polish Death Metal band “Decapitated“, who needed qualified replacement for former drummer Vitek (RIP), noticed him and they teamed up.
Together they played a lot of shows throughout the world and recorded a new album called „Carnival is Forever“.
After a few more tours he quit „Decapitated“ out of private reasons and started his solo project KRIMH.

KRIMH is currently working on his first release called “Explore”.